complete solution for all in one set:

GPS tracking, Fuel level Monitoring, tire monitoring, video monitoring

complte solution for gps tracking, fuel level monitoring, tire pressure monitoring and video monitoring all in one set
or use them separately:
gps tracking solutions


solutions for offer more functitons in gps tracking to realize needs from clients.
fuel level monitoring solutions


fuel monitoring solutions: capacitance fuel level sensor, ultrasonic fuel level sensor, fuel flow meter.


TPMS solutions: online TPMS, standalone TPMS display on dashboard, TPMS receiver for other systems like gps tracker, DVR.
video monitoring solution


realtime video monitoring and history video monitoring on GPS tracking with Wi-Fi connection.

Online Tire Pressure Monitoring on GPS Tracking

tyre pressure monitoring in gps tracking

Tire pressure monitoring online in real time in server. It highlights tire pressure monitoring integration into remote online gps tracking solution. It not only offers the tires status to drivers and users to avoid any potential dangers related to tires, but also provide the fleet managers and logistics companies with valuable tires management. Both fleet management and tires management would bring more values to their businesses. In details, anti tires theft Realtime Monitoring tires pressure, tires temperature, sensor volt online, alarms for tires pressure, tires temperature, sensor volt to server, APP....

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Standalone Tire Monitoring System Display on Dashboard

tire pressure monitoring system display

TP09 TPMS product is designed for monitoring pressure and temperature of each tire of cars, trucks, buses, OTR tires, etc. It will send out alarm in case of abnormal pressure and temperature to users or drivers for safety driving.

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Online Tire Monitoring and Temperature Monitoring on Solar Powered GPS Tracking

3g/4g solar powered gps tracking devices with four magnets

It has been designed for challenging conditions such as trailers, containers, boxcars, mining equipment, stationary and remote asset monitoring where permanent DC power supply is not always available. And solar gps tracker supports tire pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring for OTR Tire, Large Bores

tpms for large bore, OTR tires, contruction vehicles, mining vehicles TPMS especially for large bores. tire caps sensors for large bores, air flow through tire sensors for large bores, designed for such contruction vehicles, minig vehicles, OTR tires.... Check More..

GPS Tracking Software Platform

angular developed gps tracking software platform

Powerful and Multi-functional Web Based GPS Tracking Software It is a server-based tracking software platform with responsive web design catering to cellphone and tablet and laptop. Users don't need to install any iOS or android APP in their cellphones or tablets or laptops.

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About Totem technology

Totem Technology & Toman Technology are the leading hi-tech manufacturer specializing in the fields of GPS Vehicle trackers, Fleet Management system and Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Through several years development and long-standing customers supports, we have established an integrated system including the R&D of software and hardware,production, marketing and strong after-sales services. We are also the manufacturer and designer of Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) products. Comparing to the current TPMS products on market, we offer a economical and convenient and mechanical way other than current RTPMS products which is hard installing and costive.

Tire Pressure Monitors give indication and assurance to the driver that tires will perform according to expectations. And also our latest products: TPMS tracker. It is an technical integration of GPS tracking and tire pressure monitoring, which realizes the For as little as one penny, per wheel per day, it makes common sense to protect your asset, family and future.
Now we strive to offer better auto electronics products. And we have full control on production, Quality check, software and firmware and hardware design. What we can do is to offer better products and services for the changing fast market to catering to our enterprise clients and retail clients.

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Totem News

We keep updating the totem news including know-how and FAQ about our gps tracking and tpms products and latest industry technology, market insights. Also you can know better the functions and features of gps tracker and tpms. Fore More...