Model No.: TS06

Products: GPS Tracking Software

Web Based GPS Tracking Software

It is a server-based tracking software platform for web based GPS tracking. With this and our trackers, you can track vehicles or other objects with real time location information in a standard web browser.
You can view tracker's historical information in the user's interface. Reports and alarm information are also available for user's checking and analysis.
You can configure the tracker by GPRS receive alarms, such as SOS, speeding, ignition on/off, etc.
You can create an admin account, and from there, create sub-accounts (user accounts) for your clients or members to login and track.  gps tracking software platform supporting browsers of cellphone or tablet or laptop or pc

check the GPS Tracking Software platform:

          account: demo888;    password: demo888


Responsive web design adapting automatically to visitor's device's browser: cellphone, tablet, laptop or PC
Advanced programming language on client end: angular and typescript
Send commands to hardware on software platform. Commands will be valid for 2 days if device not online temporarily.
B/S software structure for easy marketing and daily maintenance
C++ Server side design for robust running
Support 400,000 devices real time monitoring
Database of SQLServer

Software Description

● Online tracking vehicles list: flexible tracking list display. Online /offline indication
● Operation showing on map: monitor; display; trace; free; clear ; release

● Tracks history
● Multi windows history tracking

Multiple Reports Display
Statistics: pie chart, line chart, bar chart, stack chart, tiled chart
reports: Detailed alarms report
Tire Pressure Monitoring Online
● real time tire pressure monitoring user interface, report, charts
● set sensor ID and tire ID remotely
● history tire pressure monitoring
Data manager
● User data:
● Edit user data
● View current user privilege
● User's notice message
● Sub-user mange
● Sub-user privilege manage
user data and car data management
Command Control
● Send commands Online
● Commands will be valid for 2 days
● configuration work of hardware online
● When device gets online, stored commands will be sent immediately
● real time reports: command content, created time, executed time, sender, execution sate
● history report for commands interaction
● OTA: firmware update remotely on tracking software


Support maps: Google map | Gaode map | Baidu map;

Multiple languages

Chinese, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Polski, Portuguese,

GPS tracking software
Server configuration requirement
Environment required:

● Windows 2008 or above

● .Net framework 3.5 or above


● Ms SQL2008 or above

● IIS 6.0 or above

Hardware configuration

● Quad Core Xeon proeccor or above

● 2G memory or above

● 2000Gb disk or above

check how to use the tracking software