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Totem Focus:

Totem & Toman, as an auto gps vehicle tracking and tpms manufacturer, are focusing on GPS vehicle tracking system and Tire Pressure Monitoring System these years. With our experienced hardware design on Atmel MCU / STM32 MCU, and the good power management for unstable voltage output, Our GPS tracking devices provides location, Speed, heading direction, time, GPS signal accuracy, fuel level data, GSM cell ID, mileage, door open/close status, unlimited history, engine on/off status, routing, and messaging all immediately available if any interrupts or alerts happen. With a wide range of customized reports, alerts, it brings you the better improvement of productivity, expenses reduction, extend the life of the vehicles, etc.

We are also the manufacturer and designer of Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) products. Comparing with the current TPMS products on market, we offer an economical and convenient TPMS other than current TPMS products which is hard installing and costive.

Tire Pressure Monitors give indication and assurance to the driver that tires will perform according to expectations.

When tires pressure becomes low the vehicle handling characteristics are affected and become unpredictable- leading to an accident. The consequences of the accidents can be catastrophic - causing disability, family heartache and expense. For as little as one penny, per wheel per day, it makes common sense to protect your asset,family and future.

Why Choose Us?

We are more Services provider than the GPS tracking device and TPMS manufacturer. We believe we can offer you better service in hardware and firmware with our technical knowledge and experiences. We keep moving on the business of fleet management and going to offer more features at the competitive cost.

Totem Goals:

Continuous development and endless Refinement on products and services would bring better customers' satisfaction and experience.

Understanding of GPS tracking and TPMS market:

Considering all aspects of fleet operations, GPS tracking system solutions providers always face different demands from market. Also more and more vehicle electronics devices get in the vehicles like GPS tracking device, DVD, navigator, TPMS etc. Do you feel crowded? Does your car feel heavy and boring? Do your clients don't want to spend much time anymore on checking the user guides of different devices? This is the trends for GPS tracking:   
Rolling in one! Make it Simple!


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