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Tire Pressure Monitoring For Large Bore Tires, OTR Tires

Some heavy duty vehicles like mining trucks, loaders, OTR tires, heavy equipments, have large bore on metail tire valves. The tire pressure sensors TS06-LB and TS09-LB designed especially for these heavy duty with 12mm inner diameter size and stronger RF433.92MHz transmission power.
tpms sensors for large bore, OTR tires
tpms sensors for large bore, OTR tires

How does large bore OTR tires TPMS function in gps tracking?

Through our online gps tracking software platform, users can read real time TPMS data like tire pressure and tire temperature and history data with tables and charts and graphics. These data can show you comprehensive information of your vehicles tires, help you make better decisions in tires maintenance and drivers managements.

large bore TPMS in gps tracking software platform

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