Products: Fuel Monitoring System

Model No.: FL05

Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor

With capacitance as the sensitive element, this capacitance fuel sensor continuoussly detects the height of the fuel level at less than 1mm resolution. Sensor length can also be shortened to fit tanks with different heights. This sensor can replace the original fuel level sensor on vehicles and connects with oil gauge. With wide range of voltage input, it has no limitation to input voltage.


● Suitable for Vehicle, divuck, coach, agrimotor, GPS fleet management, GPS tracking system, generator set, production machinery
● Compatible with GPS market leading GPS tracker and software to monitor vehicle fuel level at any time
● The parameters can be conveniently reset and recalibrated with an external calibrator
● Signal output with high-resolution :1mm
● Continuous and steady output signal
● Length could be cut shorter to suit tanks in the field
● Fits different tank sizes, minimizing customer inventory level
● length could be 200mm to 2000mm
● Used for diesel, gasoline and kerosene level measuring(not applicable to conductive liquid)

capacitance fuel level sensor, fuel level monitoring in gps tracking

Fuel Level Sensor Wires Connection

Pin1: VCC(10~32V);
Pin2: V out (0.5~4.5V/ );
Pin3: GND;
Pin4: Connect to calibrator/sensor TX;
Pin5: Connect to calibrator;
Pin6: Connect to calibrator;


plastic and aluminum alloy
Length Range
200 --2000mm
SAE standard 5 holes
5 pieces of M5 screws and 2 mm thick NBR gasket,or recommended
2 mm thick FPM gasket if be used in gas tank
Supply voltages
10 to 32V
Rated current for alarm switch
Output signal
RS232, RS485, analog input
Operating temperature
- 40 to 85°C
Protection rank
capacitance fuel level sensor, fuel level monitoring in gps tracking

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fuel level sensor calibrationFuel Level Sensor Calibration

Calibrator must couple with the sensor, and it has 12V/23A battery inside.
Red light is the power light. If the light isn't on when switch on, battery replacement is needed;
Green light is the calibration light. Full/ Empty button is showed in above picture.
Note: Calibration is necessary before using the sensor due to different fuel types

Length adjustment and Calibrator

1 Adjustment of sensor length

Aluminum tube at the bottom can be shorter according to different requirements from customers.
Steps are as follows:

1.1 Customer specifies the sensor length according to the needs

For example, if you want to cut the sensor length to L, then dimension of the cutting position is L-4.5mm.
capacitance fuel sensor

   1.2 Cut the unwanted part with steel saw;
      Fix the sensor with proper force, too big force will cause deformation of the casing tube. capacitance fuel sensor

   1.3 Get rid of the burrs and the debris at the cutting area with blade or a screwdriver to avoid short circuit.
      Note: Inside of the tube should keep clean, burrs dropped into the tube must be cleaned, or else, there is a risk of blocking the oil drainage hole.
fuel level sensor in gps tracking

  1.4 Take down the filter unit, take out the plug, and assemble the plug in the aluminum tube, then assemble the filter.
      Note: Filter assembly must be assembled in correct position. White plug in the filter assembly must be closely attached to casing tube; otherwise, this is a risk of falling down during application.
fuel level monitoring in gps tracking

2 Calibration of the fuel level sensor

Calibration of the fuel sensor is calibration of the full level and empty level. The fundamental principle is to record a full value and empty value in the fuel sensor when tank is full and empty; defining the positions of fuel is full and empty in the tank. The elecdivical signal changes as the fuel level changes, calculating the height of the fuel level.
Note: when the fuel sensor becomes shorter, it shall be recalibrated. Calibration to empty level and full level is related to the medium and the fuel level, instead of volume of the tank, so this operation can be operated in room (make a container, full filled with diesel, simulation of the tank). Calibration of full level shall go first, then the empty level, or else, it is impossible for the sensor to enter the setting mode.

2.1. Calibration of full level
Full fill the tank, put sensor into the tank, wait for about 30s till the aluminum tube of the sensor is full of fuel, then press the “full” button on the calibrator for 5 seconds till the green LED light slowly flickers, it indicates that calibration enters full level mode. The green LED light is off after about 10 seconds and it indicates that the calibration of the full level is OK.

2.2. Calibration of the empty level
Take the sensor out of the tank; put it outside of the tank. When all the fuel flows out of the sensor, press the “empty” button for 5 seconds till the green LED light flickers fast, it indicates that calibration enters empty level mode. The green LED light is off after about 10 seconds and it indicates that the calibration of empty level is OK.

2.3. Calibration completion
Disconnect the calibrator after calibration is done. Connect Pin 1 and Pin 3 on sensor with power, calibration becomes effective when sensor is power on.
Note: If press the wrong button during operation, you can switch off the calibrator and exit the mode and readjust. Customer specifies the sensor length according to the needs;

2.4. Inspection
When calibration of the full level and empty level is done, inspect the output signal of the sensor:
1/2 Level
Empty Level
0.5- 4.5v

If the output signal meets the values listed above, it means calibration is OK and normal operation of the sensor. Otherwise, please check the mode of connection and recalibrate it.

How to Install Fuel Level Sensor FL06?

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