Product: GOBIZ Tire Pressure Monitoring in GPS Tracking

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GOBIZ Tire Pressure Monitoring in GPS Tracking

It's a good news for GOBIZ TPMS users: We have successfully integrated the GOBIZ TPMS products into our gps tracking software system. Users can observe GOBIZ TPMS products online on our gps tracking software platform as an option for better tires management and data mining.

The TPMS receiver of Gobiz receives signals from TPMS sensors via RF433.92MHz, and convert them into our gps tracker through RS232 serial port. Users can see the TPMS data online sent by gps tracker via 3g network. For settings, users can send command to TPMS receiver via SMS or GPRS or USB port on configuration software. Upon receiving data from gps tracker via serial port, GOBIZ TPMS receiver would execute them. E.g., users can send command to set the GOBIZ TPMS receiver in TPMS sensors ID learning mode. If you install one sensor onto tire stem, the pressure data sensed by this sensor would go up, GOBIZ TPMS receiver would detect this going up pressure signal, and pair it with tire ID automatically.
GOBIZ TPMS receiver

Tire Pressure Monitoring Online

AT09 is the base of tires management tracking software which allows users controls the human safety, security and enhance the productivity of tires use and prolong the tires life to lower down the maintenance cost on tires.

How does TPMS Monitoring Online Function in GPS tracking solution?

GPS devices continue receiving data including tyres pressure, tyre temperature, internal battery power from vehicles tyres via TPMS part during driving. If vehicle is in parking status, no any trembles, GPS device and tyre pressure sensors would get into sleep mode for saving power.

Tyre Pressure Sensors supported by our GPS tracking device and TPMS display

TPMS in GPS tracking in tracking software

TPMS in gps tracking in tracking software


 • Radial acceleration sensor, temperature sensor, supply voltage sensor
 • Embedded 8051 compatible 8-bit microcontroller
 • 6KB on-chip FLASH memory
 • 256Byte RAM
 • 315 and 434MHz FSK/ASK RF-transmitter
 • 125KHz ASK high-sensitivity LF-receiver
 •  Advanced power control/wake-up system to minimize battery consumption
 • Ultra low standby current

TPMS table in gps tracking in tracking software
You may check this video below for understanding this TPMS in gps tracking solution. Or you can check the video on Youtube.

Technical Properties

Monitor Specs:

What Benefits From Tyre Pressure Monitoring Function In GPS Tracking

Anti tyres theft
tyre pressure sensors keep sending signal to TPMS receiver through RF433.92MHz at 4 minutes or so interval. If TPMS receiver or gps tracking device doesn't receive signal from one of sensors, and also gps tracking device detects continuous trembles, software platform would consider the tires theft happens.

Reduce tires maintenance cost, Extend the life of the tire
Overinflated or under-inflated would cause problems to tyres. The outside of tyre would be worn more than inside if under inflated; The center of tyre's thread would be worn much if over inflated. TPMS function would alerts you if tyres in over inflated or under inflated status. So users can adjust the tyre pressure in properly inflated status. Proper inflation would make tyres wear more evenly. It prolongs the tyres life and reduce the tires maintenance cost. If you need to replace tyres every 2 months, it's possible that you need to buy new tyres every 3 months or longer.

Improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emission
proper tyre inflation would optimize tyre performance and fuel economy. Under inflation increases the contact area of tyre. It would lead to more fuel consumed for more power. And over inflation would cause much noise from the road surface, hard suspension. Proper tyre inflation requires less power to drive vehicle moving.

Increase the drivers safety, protect companies assets
The TPMS function in gps tracking also protect the drivers, decreases the tyres blown-up possibility. Tyre blown-up leads to severe accident. TPMS function would alerts driver or fleet management to take initiatives to handle the potential tyres issues.