Why we need GPS tracking system

    What GPS tracking system brings to you?

    Fleet managers or fleet bosses or the logistics company management would know more about the gps tracking system since they work with them day to day. With the help of gps tracking technology, fleet management becomes more efficient and productive, also brings more benefit. Trucks fleet, buses fleet, cars fleet or other types of fleets would also be the beneficiaries of the gps tracking devices and gps fleet tracking software platform. What will the gps tracking bring to us, or more closely, to the fleet managers, fleet owners and those bosses? Let's probe into it.

    Location function:

    GPS tracking location function offers you the pinpoint location of your assets like cars, trucks, buses, vans or staff or pets. Since the GPS tracking device offers the location data like latitude, longitude and others (speed, direction, altitude, gps accuracy, GMT time). Based on the GPS location function, there is a variety of other derivative functions for fleet management and individual users: anti-theft: knows where you assets are, you can know the locations of your vehicles any time anywhere, good to your assets safety; Vehicle route guidance for less time and efficiency; Geo fencing restriction: stop vehicles from leaving or entering into some certain area. Over speed driving warning: the speed exceeding a certain value would trigger the beeper to give sound and alert data shown on gps tracking software platform.

    Fuel Saving & Anti Fuel Theft:

    gps tracking devices supports the fuel saving and anti fuel theft. With the gps fleet management, such a wireless solution for fuel level monitoring, users can monitor the fuel level real time and with plenty of reports & statistics. With these valuable data, users can find a better and more economical way to realize the shorter routines and fuel utilization. For example, there is an engine idle alert on tracking fleet management software. The engine idle alert is an report which is triggered when the engine is on but the vehicle is not moving for certain time. This alert is to eliminate such fuel consumption. Also the driving behavior can dramatically affect the fuel consumption (and vehicle emissions). An aggressive driver would consume more 20% of fuel than good driver with better driving behaviours.

    The GPS car tracker supports fuel level sensors. So we can monitor fuel level real time. There are a variety of fuel level sensors like float fuel level sensor, capacitive fuel level sensors and ultrasonic fuel sensors. If any sharp fuel level drop due to any fuel theft, the GPS tracking devices will collect the situation and send data to the server by GPRS, users can find the sharp fuel level drop online. Or users will receive the fuel theft alert SMS immediately.