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GPS-server.net - developers and owners of GPS tracking software. We offer Personal accounts, Hosted software and Server software. GPS-server.net GPS tracking software serves for thousands of customers who are successfully running tracking business all over the world.

GPS tracking software has all important features:
1. Modern web application with ueasy to use interface;
2. Mobile apps;
3. Geofencing;
4. POI (points of interest);
5. Routes;
6. Events;
7. Reports;
8. Sensor support;
9. Closely compatible with more than 300 GPS trackers;
10. Multilingual (25+ languages).

GPS-server.net tracking software benefits:

1. White label GPS tracking solution;
2. Unlimited objects and users;
3. Software written with PHP and Javascript, optimized and well written code;
4. Software architectures gives limitless customization possibilities.