RFID tracking and GPS tracking

RFID tracking and GPS tracking

GPS tracking system works on most places on the earth. But not all places. If objects are in the buildings, in the containers, or under the shelters, they can't be tracked by GPS anymore. These places are GPS blind area, and make troubles for our business and security.

These are the areas where the RFID tracking has big fun instead of GPS tracking. Due to the weakness of GPS signal from sky, the GPS can't apply its hands into indoors. it's like the candies in a small box where kids' small hands can get in but not their parents'.

RFID technology can be used in many areas like warehouses, logistic companies, stores, or even home. People install RFID readers on the gates for warehouses, logistics, stores for checking things in and out. These areas above are of the fixed gates. It means the RFID readers are always fixed on the gates. Users can connect the RFID readers to the internet through network cables. But here what we want to show is different. We are talking about the movable RFID readers or Movable gates. So how do we know where the movable RFD readers or gates are? How do we transmit the location data and RFID data to the server? The answer is the GPS tracking system. This will be a niche market for RFID tracking. In this case, the RFID tracking is more like the securities especially in logistics of supply chain management.

A supply chain includes the manufacturing, storage facilities, transportation, distribution, retails. from these processes RFID tracking and GPS tracking only cares about the transportation.

So the combination of RFID tracking and GPS tracking will be very useful for business management like asset tracking. Most companies use 2.4g, RF433, zigbee or wifi for RFID tracking. One device integrates many RF modules like GPS module, GSM module, RFID module etc. The GPS tracking takes care of the security of vehicles meanwhile the RFID tracking takes care of the security of goods. RFID tags are attached to each goods in the trucks. Every certain time RFID readers start to receive the signals from each tags, The tags data collected by RFID reader will be contained into the data string in GPS tracking system. GPS tracking system not only checks the info about the vehicles' location, speed, car door status, engine status, temperature, also includes the data for goods supplied by the RFID reader. So the more useful data are , the better we manage the logistics. There will be alert for goods missing if somebody steals the goods from trucks. web based platform will get the goods missing alert in seconds.

for example, some criminals will sneak into the vehicle and hide some illegal things into the goods trying to avoid the customs check. If RFID tags or GPS tracking system can detect the intrusion, it will be corrected quickly and avoid the loss at the most.