FAQ for tire pressure monitoring system

    FAQ for GPS Tracking System

    What accessories are in packing box?

    Standard accessories: GPS antenna(1pc), GSM antenna(1pc), I/O cables(1 set), microphone(1pc).

    Optional accessories: for AT03: microphone, fuel sensor, door sensor, relay(12v or 24v);
                                        for AT06: microphone, speaker, fuel sensor, door sensor, relay(12v or 24v),

    Does it require simcard inserted in GPS tracker?

    Yes, it does. You should use a GSM/GPRS simcard for the data transmission, SMS and voice communication for AT06 model.

    How do we check the LED status?

    Below is the LED status for your reference:

     GPS LED (Blue LED)

     Dark always  GPS module defective
     Blinks 1 time fast, then dark 4s  Device receives GPS signal
     Blinks 2 times fast, then dark 4s  GPS module is trying to detect the GPS signal

     Tremble/Power LED (Red LED)

     Dark always  External power off and no trembles
     Blinks fast 1 time, then dark 4s  External power off and trembles happen
     Blinks fast 2 times, then dark 4s  External power on and no trembles
     Blinks fast 3 times, then dark 4s  External power on and trembles happen
     Blinks fast 4 times, then dark 4s  Internal battery fully charged and no trembles during the
     external power on
     Light for long, then dark fast 1 time  Internal battery fully charged and trembles happen during the external
     power on

     GSM LED (Green LED)

     Dark always  GSM module defective
     Blinks fast 1 time, then dark 4s  GSM module in standby mode or GPRS connecting mode
     Blinks fast 2 times, then dark 4s  No GSM Signal
     Blinks fast 3 times, then dark 4s  No SIM Card Or Bad SIM Card
     On long time  Voice communication

    Why GPS tracker doesn't respond to sms command?
    First, please check the account has enough balance if it's prepaid simcard.
    If not the balance issue, please wait a moment, the device will reply a little later if it's busy sending data out to server by GPRS.
    Or probably the device is reboots state, You can send sms again. Or you check the power supply. If the internal battery is lower than 3.4V, the GSM module doesn't work properly.

    The GPS or GSM signal is not good .
    Make sure the GPS antenna and GSM antenna are well connected to the ports. Though GPS tracker may receive GPS or GSM signal without antenna sometimes, but we still strongly recommend connecting antenna due to the aluminum casings which has shielding influence on signal reception.

    How do we configure the GPS trackers?
    You can configure the device by means of sms, GPRS or PC.
    You can send commands by SMS,  Please make sure all text are composed in English state. 
    You can configure it by GPRS. Make sure the device has good GPRS connection with your server, and data sent from device are well received in server. You can compose and send the commands by the TCP/IP connection based on GPRS connection.
    Also you can configure the device by PC. We offer a special configuration tool on which you can easily configure the device. If you need the special configuration tool, please contact us without hesitation.

    SMS configuration:
    Remember your own password please. Or you can use the default password: 000000 ( 6 zeros).
    If the device receives the sms command, the device would execute the command first, and send out sms as reply like this:
    Receive: ‘018’ OK
    If wrong password, or the wrong command format, device won’t execute the command, and reply as below:
    Receive: Set Err

    GPRS configuration:
    First make sure the GPRS connection is OK, and your server is receiving the data from GPS trackers successfully. You can send the Command based on the TCP/IP connection between server and GPS tracker hardware. Note, server has static IP and port, but GPS tracker has random IP and port assigned by GSM carrier each time. So if GPRS connection is cut by GSM carrier, or due to the GPS tracker reboots, you are not able to send command to GPS tracker again. Also if GPS tracker doesn’t send you data to server, server will not know the current IP and port of GPS tracker.

    PC configuration:
    First you should find a special configure cable in the box, and install the driver for the configure cable in your PC. Note , driver for XP or  WIN 7 is different. Please use right driver for your PC.

    How do I track with the GPS tracker?
    You can track your objects on GPS tracking platform like this: www.mytracklink.com . GPS tracking platform requires GPRS service support for data transmission between hardware and server. So please make sure your simcard supports GPRS service.
    You can also track  with your cell phone, you can send a command to acquire a location of your vehicle or other objects. Also you can acquire a google map link in SMS, you click the link, a google map with your vehicle location will be shown on your smart phone.

    How do we track vehicles on GPS tracking platform?
    About the hardware, You should configure the GPS tracker first: you should configure the APN, IP and port, GPRS service enabled, and data sending interval and times.
    About the GPS tracking platform, you should get an account, and register the IMEI of hardware in product description.  So when data coming to server, the gateway of server knows the data belongs to which account. We recommend that you should buy a static IP for your server.

    How do we track vehicles by cell phone?
    You can send a command to acquire a location of your vehicle or other objects. Also you can acquire a google map link in SMS, you click the link, a google map with your vehicle location will be shown on your smart phone.

    How do we hide the GPS tracker in car?
    Below is the picture for showing how to hide the GPS tracker in car: how to hide the GPS device

    How should we do if no external power supply?
    Totem GPS tracker has internal battery of 900 mAh which can last 7-10 hours working time. But we still recommend connecting the GPS trackers to external power supply.

    If no SIMCARD inside, the GPS tracker would work properly?
    No, if no simcard, the device will enter into GPS mode, and not running data generation and other logic anymore. Please make sure SIMCARD inside.

    I request a location data from GPS tracker by SMS, but we find no latitude & longitude in SMS reply.
    If GPS tracker doesn’t acquire the GPS signal, the device would reply with message without latitude & longitude info. Please check  why the GPS tracker doesn’t get GPS signal. Mainly the device is in no-GPS- signal area , or the GPS antenna is not firmly connected.
    Why are  time and date wrong in data string sent by GPRS?

    Totem GPS tracker time and date come from GPS time. When you turn on the GPS tracking device, if no GPS  signal, devices adopt default value in data string which is usually like this: 20090215000424. The default time and date are not real time. If GPS signal acquired, the GPS trackers would synchronize the time and date with GPS. If the device restarts, the time will be back to default value. So please make sure the GPS tracker gets gps fix.

    The time & date are wrong and no latitude & longitude info in data string even the GPS signal is fix.
    Probably the device saved some data strings in flash which were not transmitted out successfully. Now the GPRS connection is ok, the device is transmitting the old data strings. It abides by the FIFO order for data transmission, which means First in, First out: the older data will be sent out first, then new data. So please make sure no stored data in flash, or you can send command to clear the stored data in flash.
    If you clear the stored data, the coming data strings are still without the latitude & Longitude, the GPS module probably defective. Please contact us for warranty or repairing service.

    The transmission speed for stored data strings in flash
    If the GPRS connection is ok, it usually spends 1 second or so transmitting 1 data string to server. The device will confirm with server every 6 data strings to make sure data strings sent ok.

    Why the time in data string is different from the local time?
    GPS time is almost same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You can consider it London time. So if you are in GMT + 8 time zone, you can get the local time by adding 8 hours onto the GPS time.
    On our web based GPS tracking software, you can use your local time by choosing different time zone.

    Are devices waterproof?
    AT03 and AT06 are not waterproof. Please not try them in water.