Product: Ultrasonic Fuel Level Monitoring in GPS Tracking

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Monitoring in GPS Tracking

Ultrasonic fuel level sensor is the fuel quantity monitoring equipment designed for fuel management. It can prevent gasoline theft by drivers, optimize transportation cost, the driver’s driving action and assist statistical decision, etc. The sensor uses ultrasonic probe to detect the oil level height and carries out smart processing for height signal of oil quantity through built-in program of the main body. Then it sends the oil quantity information to the system platform through GPS to generate the oil quantity report after analysis. The sensor supports serial port and analog output and can connect with GPS of most brands/Beidou all-in-one machine. Therefore, the sensor can be connected with the backstage monitoring system easily.

How does ultrasonic fuel level sensor Function in GPS tracking solution?

After ultrasonic fuel sensor installed under fuel tanks of vehicles, it would keep sending ultrasonic waves out to detect the fuel depth in fuel tank. And transmit the data to gps tracking device.

ultrasonic fuel sensor working logic in gps tracking

What Features does the ultrasonic fuel sensor have?

● Higher precision for fuel level
The resolution ratio of oil level height measurement of the oil level sensor is 0.1mm and the measurement accuracy is ±0.5%. High measurement accuracy can be guaranteed at high temperature and high cold external environment.

● Long term stability
The oil level sensor adopts ultrasonic wave measurement method and performs non contact measurement. It is different from the float-type, pressure type, magnetic sliding system measurement methods that adopt direct contact measurement methods at present generally so as to avoid corrosion and pollution of oil level sensor by fuel oil and maintain long-term stability.

● Easy installation and maintenance
It only needs to install the sensor probe at the lower part of external fuel tank. There is no need to change the existing measurement system of the fuel tank, no need to drill hole and make change on the fuel tank. At the same time, it can guarantee normal operation of former oil meter of vehicles.

● Avoid the dangers of boring holes or modifying fuel tanks
Non contact measurement makes it unnecessary to bore hole on or modify the fuel tank. No dirt and pollution will be brought to the fuel oil.

● Strong reliability
Still work normally at hostile environment; anti-damp, anti-acid, inflaming retarding, anti-interference.

ultrasonic fuel snesor probe in gps tracking ultrasonic fuel sensor box in gps tracking

Can This Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor Work Independantly Of GPS Tracking Device?

Yes. Ultrasonic fuel snesor can be integrated into gps tracking device through analog input or RS232 / RS485 port. Users can use this sensor only with the LED display. the LED display would show measured liquid level.

Applicable scopes

The ultrasonic oil level sensor is geared to all types of vehicles (such as logistics vehicles, taxi, buses and passenger cars, etc) to record the refueling, oil consumption of vehicles with digitalization to prevent occurrence of fuel theft, avoid resources waste, improve management efficiency and traffic safety and enhance operation management level.

Technical Properties

Operating Voltage
9-36V DC
Max power consumption
Working temperature
-40°C -- +85°C
Pressure bearing scope
≤0.8kg or 0.8MPa
Liquid measurement accuracy
Equipment interface
Provide output port of analog voltage/current, RS232 and RS485 data port.
Communication port parameters
The default baud rate is 9600. No check bit, 8-digit data bits, 1-digit stop bit and no fluid control. The liquid level value measured by the sensor in a real-time manner is given per 10s after smoothing processing. Note: The baud rate and interval of data transmission can be customized.