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Driving Behavior Analysis in GPS tracking

Driving behavior analysis would offer much

How does Driving Behavior Analysis function in gps tracking?

Safe Driving

There are no any other threats bigger than car accidents during the during peace time. More than 36,000 people died in car accidents in the U.S. in 2018. Millions more are injured each year. Keeping driving safely and taking precautions against various car accidents are always most important in our daily driving life. Safe Driving includes: full check before driving and keep correct driving gestures, buckle seat belt always, judge in advance, keep 3secs safe driving distance, driving tips in severe driving environments, practical driving tips, handle urgent situations, etc.

Why We Need Driving Behavior Analysis

Ruding driving would lead to higher likelihood of car accdients, higher fuel cosnumption, more money on dialy vehicles maintenance, higher risk for on road people, bad user experience. From driving behavior analysis, users can judge the rude driving or even dangerous driving behavior. Fleet managers can recognize the driver is good or not at his duty. A good driver who has better driving behavior would bring more profit, more convenience and lower risk on car accidents and better user experience.

What have in Driving Behavior Analysis

over Speeding
Receover From over speeding
Harsh acceleration
Harsh brake
harsh left turn
harsh right turn
idle engine
driving behavior analysis in gps tracking telematics solution

Benefit From Driving Behavior Analysis

● Reduce the possibility of car accidents
● lower down the daily vehicle maintenance
● prolong some vehicles components service life
● save fuel cost