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Biometric Finger Print Solution in GPS tracking


● 200 finger prints maximum stored in memory
● Communication interface :USB/ UART
● Optic sensor is reliable and Low-cost,High ESD Protection
● 1:N Identification (One-to-Many)
● 1:1 Verification (One-to-One)
● High speed fingerprint identification algorithm engine
● Self study function
● Fingerprint template data read from /write to FLASH memory
● fingerprint(Specially designed for fingerprint stored in IC card)
● Identify Downloaded Feature with Captured fingerprint
● Security Level setting
biometric finger prints in gps tracking

How does Biometric Finger Print Function in GPS Tracking?

Finger print enrollment

Users enrolls his finger prints reader for future verifications. customers should keep the record of finger prints ID number and related user info. A well designed table including ID number and other users information is better for keeping tracking of.↓

Finger print verification

If one user place his finger onto finger print reader, one ID related data string would be sent out to server by gprs/3g whatever the user authorised or not.↓

Vehicles immobilization or not status

But if finger prints authorised, GPS device would set the relay to make vehicles ready for starting; otherwise, the vehicles would be still in engine immobilization status.

finger print in gps tracking solution configuration of finger print in gps tracking solution

You may check this video below for understanding this biometric finger print reader in gps tracking solution. Or you can check the video on Youtube.


● Power supply: DC 5V; working Current: <120mA; peak current: <130mA
● Fingerprint sensor types: Optical
● The time of fingerprint image input: <0.5s
● Fingerprint verification: support fingerprint verification (1:1) and fingerprint search (1:N)
● Fingerprints storage: 200 finger prints
● False accept rate: ≤ 0.001% (default safety level is 3)
● Rejecting true rate: ≤ 1.0%
● Comparison of time: ≤ 1secs
● Resolution: 500dpi
● Communication interface: support for USB and UART (TTL logic level)
● communication baud rate: 9600BPS~115200BPS adjustable
● Working temperature: -25˚C---+55˚C
● Working humidity: 40%--85%
● Storage temperature: -40˚C—85˚C
● Acquisition window: 18.5 (L) * 14.6mm (W)