Product: RFID Reader in GPS Tracking

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RFID Reader Function In GPS tracking

RFID reader function in gps tracking is a efficient drivers identity controlling method in fleet management. With the relay as a switch in controlling logic, an authorized RFID card or tag can make the vehicle's engine in ready-to-start mode, else driver can't drive away vehicle.

How do RFID reader and tags/cards function in GPS tracking?

In engine off / parking state, device set the engine in circuit off state also If somebody wants to drive vehicles, he should place the RFID tag on RFID reader, RFID tag authorized, user can start the car engine. After 2 minutes, if user still does not start the engine, device will be back to not-able-to start state user drive the car to other place, and park car, close engine. after 2 minutes, the device will be back to not-able-to-start state. If RFID tag unauthorized, user is not able to start the engine one gps device can store 100 RFID tags numbers in flash memory.
rfid reader for gps tracking managementRFID tags for fleet management
RFID reader in gps monitoring


● USB Card Reader for card enrollment
● Work frequency: 125KHz / 13.56MHz
● Built-in loud speaker
● Built-in double color LED


● With dynamic key encryption and authentication, can prevent link hacking and data decrypt to make the data safe
● With channel isolation technique, the devices won't interfere each other
● With advanced anti-collision technology and rereading proof technology, supports to identify more than 100pcs cards simultaneously
● Card identify speed 80km/h
● with diffraction and refraction function, strong non-metallic penetration ability to penetrate the car explosion-proof membrane
● Anti-static, anti-shock, waterproof, dust proof, anti-interference and anti-thunder function
● Low misreading rate, 1/10,000,000, stable performance
● Communication Port: WG26 WG34 RS232 RS485

What Benefits From RFID reader function in gps tracking?

More control on fleet drivers with issued RFID cards or tags
Authorize driver can drive vehicle away. Both authorized and unauthorized driver RFID ID would be transmitted onto server as records.

RFID reader function working even in no GSM/3G signal area
If fleet companies keep the authorized RFID ID in gps tracking devices, even in no GSM/3G signal areas, the RFID ID verification part in gps tracking device would still function normally, meanwhile it saves RFID data in memory for future data transmission if 3g/GSM signal is ok again.

GPS history traces come with driver ID
If the driver shows the RFID card onto reader, the RFID data would be sent to server. If driver doesn't start the engine in 2 minutes, vehicle would go into not-able-to-start-engine mode again; after driving sometime, driver turns off engine, after 2 minutes, it would go into not-able-to-start-engine mode. software platform can record which driver was in vehicle.

Anti vehicles theft
Only authorized driver can start the engine. RFID function prevents Unauthorized drivers or thieves from driving vehicle away without permissions.

Technical Properties

Output Interface
divStandard Wiegand26, Optional wiegand34 or RS232/485
Operating Frequency
125KHz or 13.56MHz
Reader Card
ID or IC Card
Power Supply
DC 5v
Relative Humidity
Built-in LED (Double Color LED)
Built-in Loud Speaker
Black or White or blue
PVC Case Material (Black Resin for Water-Proof Function)
IP65 Degree