Product: OBDII in GPS Tracking Solution

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Model No.: OBDII in GPS Tracking Solution

How does OBDII function in GPS tracking?

OBDII in gps tracking

OBDII data content:

● Car battery volt
● Speed
● Throttle position
● Engine loading
● Coolant temperature
● Fuel
● Fuel consumption on idle time

● Fuel consumption on 100KM
● Harsh acceleration amount
● Harsh brake amount
● Error amount
● Mileage accumulation
● Fuel consumed accumulation
● Ignition time
● Ignition amount


● With dynamic key encryption and authentication, can prevent link hacking and data decrypt to make the data safe
● With channel isolation technique, the devices won’t interfere each other
● With advanced anti-collision technology and rereading proof technology, supports to identify more than 100pcs cards simultaneously
● Card identify speed 80km/h
● with diffraction and refraction function, strong non-metallic penetration ability to penetrate the car explosion-proof membrane
● Anti-static, anti-shock, waterproof, dustproof, anti-interference and anti-thunder function
● Low misreading rate, 1/10,000,000, stable performance
● Communication Port: WG26 WG34 RS232 RS485