customer service with Turkey client on Sep 9th of 2022 about the TPMS online solutions with gps tracking.

Im Baris from Turkey
Is it totemtech company?
We would like to buy tpms systems For trucks
ok. any requirements?
We want to apply for only trailers As i see on your web page, do you have tpms with gps following For fleets?
This one
yes. at09-3G-TPMS
We would like to order , some samples first After we want to buy over 500 systems Do you have product caralogue?
yes you have email address?
Yes. ************
how many tyres each trailer?
3 axles, 6 tyres
We will sell to professional fleets like they have over 100 vehicles They have their own tracking softwares And i would like to see also without gps tire pressure systems Both of it we can sell here see tpms without gps ?
you have your own tracking software platform?
The important thing is the system should calculate until 200 psi, and should be carry over 90 celcius degrees ok. Thank you very much. Im waiting your email Please send me the prices also
Perfect What is the price of this system? We want to be your distributor in Turkey market And we want to see local system also, without gps one email sent you got it?
Yes yes i got it now
Thank you We check the products I have 1 question Can we apply AT07-08 to existing fleet gps system ? Or At21 And we want to order samples of 4 systems in order to test them in our country
yes, it's ok. you want samples of which devices?
TP 09 is without gps yes?
yes. Only driver can see it.
Ok we want 2 TP 09 Is at 08 better or at 21 at 4G ?
at08 is battery powered , at21 is battery powered and solar powered.
Okey Than we want 1 at 08 and 1 at 21 So we need to buy also ts07-08-09 ? To put on tyres Or is it included? What about AT09? Should we buy at 09 instead of AT08 and AT21 to see on the computer?
ok your company, TEL, address, zip code, receiver? and how do you make payment? yes, buy separately. Bank payment.
Can you tell me total price of 4 complete systems?
not included. should buy separately. If you want to see tpms online, you should buy at09.
Okey. Than 2 at09. 2 TP 09. Is it ok? 2 driver can see and 2 boss can see online right?
And can you send us pictures of our samples please And how you will send it? With DHL?
yes DHL.
Ok can you write low price? Because we will order samples to a person and if its over 22 $ , customs make problem Or we can send it to 4 different persons And write 20$ to invoice? After samples, we will give huge order to our company Is ok?
Okey so please make 4 packets What is the total price? Can you make proforma invoice.
your company, TEL, zip code, receiver name?