customer service for Australian client about TPMS installation and test on trucks.

hi Jimmy, this is Leaper
can let us know the OS version of your PC?
Jimmy, 16:11
Hi, OS version windows 10
hi, have you updated the .net framework?
the configurator is based on .net framwork, developed by C#
Jimmy, 16:13
Jimmy, 16:30
I have just tried to update .net Framework 4.7.2, but is blocked because already installed
shirleyliu, 16:40
can you download 360 anti-virus software and install to your computer, Jimmy? it will solve out this issue
shirleyliu, 18:19
do you have teamviewer, tell us ID and password, so we can check your computer how to solve
hello Jimmy can let us know you connect at09-3g to PC via which USB cable?
hello @Jimmy Heslop
Jimmy, 16:14
Hi, is there something that I need to do to activate my account on longtrac? I have installed in a vehicle but when I drive the longitude and latitude on monitoring does not change? When I click onto TPMS there is no change either?
hi, your account name is?
Jimmy, 16:18
Jimmy, pass is 123456
ok, let me check first
this device worked before.
if you send sms command to this device, it would reply you?
Jimmy, 16:28
I don't know if it worked before? I have not been able to use it yet.
We configured the AT09, but I have not connected to longtrac before
the at09-3g default settings is to connect to longtrac
have you configured APN?
Jimmy, 16:30
No, are there instruction on how to do this?
you can try to send command *000000,012# to device? or call this device? Did Shirley send you the configuration manual for configurator? hi?
Jimmy, 16:42
Shirley did send me a copy of the manual, but it did not have very much detail on how to set up.
I just checked the manuals, there was AT09 Installation Guide and AT09 User Manual, but no configuration manual?
ok, so you haven't set APN in device?
configuration User manual.pdf
Jimmy, 10:13
hi, I am a little confused which APN is correct?
possbile to check on sunlogin?
Jimmy, 10:16
sunlogin id 981 315 590
you know the APN of your simcard?
Jimmy, 10:18
No, but there is a number on the 4696 6861, I will try and check with service provider
Jimmy, 10:21
My service provider needs to arrange APN and will give that to me soon.
your simcard works
Jimmy, 10:23
Yes, I can get longtrac to recognise the SIM and track the vehicle, but there doesn't seem to be any data coming through to the system. the TPMS is not showing anything.
where is the TPMS sensors?
Jimmy, 10:28
They are on the vehicle.
At the moment I have the AT09 on my desk connected to a power supply so the TPMS may be out of range. Should I get the sensors and keep them close to the AT09 while solving problems? The pressure will be 0psi but that should not matter?
Can the AT09 connect to the fuel gauge that I have on my light truck?
Can the Analog connections connect to temperature, oil , voltage sensors that are already in the vehicle?
What is the correlation between the Digital output (Buzzer / LED) and the analog and digital inputs? Is this something that is configured in the Configurator?
hello @Jimmy you mean AT09-3G or TP09 stopped working?
Jimmy, 16:53
AT09 has topped sending TPMS data to longtrac?
let me check, and TP09?
hi? where you put the TPMS antenna in vehicle?
Jimmy, 17:06
at the moment the antenna is on the front seat, I am having an auto electrician install tomorrow
TP09 seems to work fine, it is detecting pressure and temperature OK
you can please project the TPMS antenna back close to tyres?
Jimmy, 17:33
Any idea?
Jimmy, 17:54
Should I reboot AT09 with configurator?
can check if TP09 works?
Jimmy, 8:09
Hi the light truck has a TP08, not TP09. TP08 seems to be working fine, no problems. When I go to longtrac, TPMS shows no sensors. Also, monitoring and history for GPS tracking was working last night but is not working now?
hello, have you checked if the TPMS antenna is connected to aT09-3G?
Jimmy, 8:52
and also no gps signal
Jimmy, 8:55
Antenna was connected. For some reason TPMS stopped working on Friday, when I look back at history it was all ok, then nothing was being transmitted. Unfortunately, I did not see your message to not reboot AT09 and I did reboot last night. Gps signal was all OK last night but is not working now.
you can see the database
gps signal was not ok since 12:14:42 Sep 18th.
no TPMS signal since 11:33:25 Sep 20th
Jimmy, 9:00
No, If I run a report for the GPS history or TPMS history for today I get "query failed", if I run report for yesterday I get GPS data, but no TPMS sensors or presuures.
where is the device? still in car?
Jimmy, 9:02
the car is near you?
Jimmy, 9:04
yes, I can connect a laptop to the device if necessary
yes please? we want to check the USB log.
Jimmy, 9:05
Ok I will messages you asap once connected
Jimmy, 9:12
sunlogin 981 315 590
Jimmy, 9:14
imei is nil?
not connected. you use android USB cable?
Jimmy, 9:16
cable was connected, just tried again
still not connected.
Jimmy, 9:19
keeps disconnecting even though cable is in
has connected now
alarm is sounding
Jimmy, 9:23
maybe when I tested panic button yesterday?
Jimmy, 14:42
yes, I think that I may have done something wrong. is there a file that can be loaded with the sensor id?
shirley should send you a ID list.
Jimmy, 14:43
im not sure. I will see
that's why i want you to notice that click 'load' button first before configuration. this would prevent you from deleting or changing any settings unintentionally.
TP08-1 at09-3G: 864507030640774
LF, 01, 1C40FE79
LR, 02, 1C427069
RF, 22, 1C4AC7FA
RR, 23, 1C41B0CC
Jimmy, 14:46
I understand, I did save settings to a file.
do I enter the numbers that you have sent through?
i guide you how to configure it.
Jimmy, 14:48
please add tyreID before sensor ID also
add 01 before 1C40FE79
Jimmy, 14:50
like this:
Jimmy, 14:52
please make psi
data would be shown in psi in data string.
Jimmy, 14:53
the original data from sernsor is kPa
Jimmy, 14:54
ok. you can check
TPMS data should be there.
Jimmy, 14:57
very good, thankyou. Do I have to enter AT09 serial number?
Jimmy, 14:59
sorry, I mean tp08 serial number, is it required to be configured into at09?
TP08 serial number? actually you are using TP09. TP08 only show 4 sensor ID, and without external TPMS antenna.
Jimmy, 15:01
that's right, tp08 is all that I have on light truck, only 4 tyres
I don't think anything ls is required tp08 is independent of at09
AT09-3G and TP08(TP09) are working indepandantly.
I don't think anything ls is required tp08 is independent of at09
Jimmy Heslop, 2018/9/27
Jimmy, 15:02
very good
I will get vehicle installation completed and have more questions tomorrow with the configuration of fuel gauge etc, thank you for your help and your patience
ok. welcome. :)
Jimmy, 11:13
Hi Leaper, I need to get TP09 setting up to 130 psi, on your website it says that TP09 goes up to 1300kpa / 188psi, how do I change this setting? I have tried to configure the TP09 but it keeps reverting to a default setting of 600kpa?
how did you configure the TP09?
Jimmy, 12:41
Hi I just followed the instructions, I downloaded the driver that was required. Using the black cable supplied I opened the TP09, entered the password, clicked on load. I tried to change the pressure to 9000 , but it kept reverting to 6000.
Jimmy, 14:06
any news?
hi sorry, we are holidays. :(
the unit for alarm value is 0.1kPa
3060 in configuration is 306 kPa
possible to check on sunlogin?
Jimmy, 16:25
yes just let me get lap top organised.
How long is your holiday?
sunlogin 981315590 code 4661
I thought that the unit for pressure was 0.1kpa, but when I try to set to 900kpa or 9000, the TP09 reset to 6000 or 600kpa?
When I configure the next AT09 it will not report to longtrac, the only difference that I can see in settings is shown in screen shot?
7 days (wasntme)
Jimmy, 17:04
Is there anybody who can help me at all?
Jimmy Heslop, 2018/10/1
When I configure the next AT09 it will not report to longtrac, the only difference that I can see in settings is shown in screen shot? Truck 2 is installed in vehicle?
Jimmy, 17:11
In the same way I have done before, 12volt battery connected to AT09, All sensors are attached to pressure. I did truck 1 myself on the weekend and was very straight forward, but truck 2 is not working for me?
can check on sunlogin?
Jimmy, 17:12
yes 981 b315 590, code 4661
981 b315 590 no such ID .
Jimmy, 17:13
sorry, fat fingers mistake 981 315 590, code 4661
981 315 590 not exist. :^)
Jimmy, 17:16
I just reconnect to wifi, please try again
ok. where is the truck 2 device?
Jimmy, 17:23
on my desk, I have connected to battery and temporarily installed in a vehicle to drive, but no monitoring is detected. always comes back to a Chinese address
I have tried a different sim card, but it made no difference, I was going to try a different GPS antenna but I will wait for your instructions
can connect it to PC by android type USB cable?
Jimmy, 17:26
and open the configuration software.
Jimmy, 17:26
it saves 1393 data.
can connect the external power? it shows 0.042V
Jimmy, 17:29
the simcard in truck 2 is same as that in Service Truck #1 ?
Jimmy, 17:42
No I have 3 different sim cards
seems the at09-3g-tpms not recognize this simcard.
Jimmy, 17:43
I have tried 2 different cards, the sim card in truck 2 was in truck 1, both sim cards work in truck 1
can send me this log to me? 20181001.txt
Jimmy, 17:48
have you re-inserted the simcard?
Jimmy, 17:58
I will do it now
Jimmy, 18:12
any luck?
truck 1 working. but truck 2 not. strange.
Jimmy, 18:13
I did everything the same for both?
The TP09 for Truck 2 does not seem to be working very well either. All other TP09's that I have charge up easily when I put them in the sun, but the one for truck 2 does not. I know that they are independent, it just seems strange!
TP09 for truck 2?
can try another simcard in truck2?
you can try to shake it?
Jimmy, 15:34
yes, I have tried shaking in, also put it back on charge to see if that would help.
maybe device is still off.
Jimmy, 15:36
I have held down I/O button but will not come on?
you press the power button until TP09 is sounding
Jimmy, 15:42
I have held button done for a few minutes, how long should it take? I have configured truck 3 with the sim card from truck 1 and it seems to be working, I will have to take for a drive to test properly.
AT09-3g in truck 1 is of lower battery. I have held button done for a few minutes, how long should it take?
Jimmy Heslop, 2018/10/4
no power?
Jimmy, 15:46
Ok, they were charged prior to initialise. The units do not seem to charge very well on USB, better charging on solar, but it takes a long time
he units do not seem to charge very well on USB
Jimmy Heslop, 2018/10/4
you use android type of micro USB cable for charging?
Jimmy, 16:04
Yes, micro USD cable for everything except to configure TP09 I have started to configure a TP09 for the sensors on truck 1. When I enter the sensor ID in the TPMS it will not save? I have tried to follow the instructions in that manual, but there must be something that I am missing. Is there anything special that must be done? i.e the number of " ; ", is there spacing between the number and the ; ?
Jimmy, 16:43
Do you have a diagram showing all of the tyre position numbers,
When I enter the sensor ID in the TPMS it will not save?
Jimmy Heslop, 2018/10/4
how do you enter sensor ID?
Jimmy, 16:51
I tried to make a list in excel and enter this into the configuration tool, but I think there is something with the formatting that makes this not work properly. I am entering the sensors one at a time and is working. but the location of the sensor number on TP09 is difficult logic to work out. it does not follow standard conventions that I am used to using?
can check on sunlogin?
Jimmy, 16:55
I think that I have worked it out, the location of the sensors on the TP09 is not the same as the location number sticker on the physical sensor ie sensor position 19 = tire position 24
oh. you are using latest TPMS configuration software sent yesterday?
Jimmy, 16:58
yes, I can save pressures increased to 1200kpa etc but there is a mismatch between the tire position and sensor position. Is it possible to update firmware for this and the Lo pressure settings. It would make the installation much simpler.
let me check
Jimmy, 18:22
Hi, I think I understand how the numbering works now, most likely a result of moving from 34 to 42 tires on the TP09. The numbering convention that you have used is fine, but may limit your expansion in the future. One of my businesses is in truck tires and I have sent through a copy of the numbering convention that we use here in Australia for trucks. It is not perfect but it may prevent this sort of problem. I have also sent through a file of the different samples that may help give you some ideas, kind regards.
Jimmy, 9:25
Hi, any news?
hi can we try again on sunlogin/
Jimmy, 12:08
Sorry, I have been away from my desk. Sunlogin 981315590 Code4661
hi sorry, i was out
Jimmy, 12:51
Ok, I have a staff member away sick today so I am running :-)
oh, :) sorry to hear that. let us try now
Jimmy, 12:54
ok, I have the AT09 for truck 3 configured and working. The tp09's are giving me a problem. They will not start, but I have connected one that is working that we can configure for truck 1
you set sensor ID already?
Jimmy, 16:06
Two beeps or continual beeping. I am open to your suggestion and what your system can provide. Respectfully this is your product and I would not want to tell you how you must make it work. But I think that there must be at least an initial sound for low pressure and increased alarms as the situation becomes more dangerous.
how about this: making beeping, and the TPMS icon blinking, data value blinking.
Jimmy, 16:11
If that can be done easily, I think that it would be a very good solution.
better beep once, since each tyre would show every 4 seconds, if beep twice, means beep one sec, off one sec, beep one sec, off one sec, means it would take 4s. but let us try first.
Jimmy, 16:19
Yes, very good
Jimmy, 18:00
Hi I tried to load file into TP09 but it will not start. Is there an input command required?
you press the power button to start it?
Jimmy, 18:20
Very good:)
how's the test?
Jimmy, 7:19
Hi The TP09 works really well. The alarm for low pressure is good and when there are multiple tire alerts the alarm increases. I think that this will work very well. I have 2 off the AT09's configured for the same sensors for the truck that I am installing tomorrow. The GPS signal is good I am just checking some things with the APN to see why I am not getting the TPMS data correctly for both trucks.
Jimmy, 7:34
I have 3 off the AT09 in one vehicle, but the results are very different. Service 1 is installed into a light truck. Truck 1 and Truck 3 have been configured the same and are in Service 1. Truck 3 is sensing 12 tire, truck 1 only 10. When I run a TPMS history report, Service 1 gives pages of data, Truck 3 gives 1 line, truck 1 gives "Query Failed"?
Jimmy, 8:22
Hi, any ideas:^)
truck 1 and truck 3 configured with same 12 tires?
Jimmy, 8:27
yes, and same power source etc, I also copied configuration from truck 1 to truck 3
how about the TPMS antennas?
Jimmy, 8:28
All Antenna's connected to each AT09
both TPMS antennas are placed in same area?
Jimmy, 8:30
platform shows truck 1 and truck 3 received signal from 4 senors. and 12 sensors at last.
sorry, no tpms data from truck3
Jimmy, 8:35
When I configure both AT09's the tpms sensor listing is the same and both lists record pressures from the tire, but this does not transmit to longtrac, Service 1 = 4 tires, truck 1 = 12 tires, truck 3 = 10 tires. All vehicles show GPRS, but history does not display correctly
can place truck 1 and truck 3 in different place? make sure they don't interfere with each other.
Jimmy, 8:47
Ok I will just need to arrange another power source, few moments please
Jimmy, 8:53
I have the units separated by 6meters with the sensors in between them.
truck 3 does not have gprs now?
no, truck3 offline 34 minutes.
Jimmy, 9:49
Should I delete trucks from longtrac and initialise AT09's and start again? or is there something in the back end of longtrac that needs to be adjusted?
possible to check truck3 on configuration software on PC?
Jimmy, 9:51
did you want sunlogin? 981315590 code 1141
it is working.
Jimmy, 9:57
But data is not coming through to longtrac?
are you sure elstra.wap is correct APN?
Jimmy, 9:58
This is the APN that I have been given but Service 1 used apn = internet.
Jimmy, 10:57
Hi Truck 1 is working correctly. Truck 3 has GPRS, correct TPMS number of sensors. Correct history on tracking GPS. No historical data for TPMS report?
Jimmy, 11:07
I keep getting query fail when I try to run TPMS report
truck 3 no gps signal?
Jimmy, 11:21
I think GPS OK, tracking route of vehicle, just no TPMS reporting
Truck 3 not receive signal from rest 11 sensors.
Jimmy, 11:25
SIM card responding OK, can call number and send text.
Jimmy, 16:55
981315590 code 6653
this TP09 updated with new firmware?
Jimmy, 17:01
I tried to update the firmware but both devices that I have kept going to sleep mode. I have had one unit in the sun all day and it will not wake up?
which USB cable you use for frimware upgrade?
Jimmy, 17:02
The one supplied with the device
when you charge TP09, you use wich USB cable?
Jimmy, 17:23
I tried charging with standard usb cable. I have the TP09 on charge now but it keeps alarming because it can not detect sensors
sensors not with TP09?
Jimmy, 17:25
Sensors are on the vehicle with the AT09
Jimmy, 17:35
configuration tool does not seem recognise the tp09
the display is off?
i mean device is in sleep mode?
Jimmy, 17:40
it was on, but alarming but would not initialise or reboot or load firmware
you can shake it to wake it up?
Jimmy, 17:42
it is on but alarming. is now plugged in
i can't operate it on sunlogin.
Jimmy, 17:50
I cant operate it from here either
how's the display? it's on?
Jimmy, 17:51
every time I press start to load firmware the device goes to sleep
if it's in loadfirmware mode, the display would go of
Jimmy, 17:55
Ok I press start and display goes off but the firmware does not load.
if you want to turn off TP09, you please press the button until beeping stops.
Jimmy, 18:00
display is off now, but when it is on it flashes red and continues to beep even when I have initialised the device
no any sensors settings in device after initialization?
Jimmy, 18:07
no sensors but flashing red screen, no alarm. But will not load firmware either.
Jimmy, 18:14
previous version of firmware will load onto TP09, but recent version seems to have a problem.
means if no sernsor detecting, display keeps flashing red and beeping?
Jimmy, 18:16
even when initialise, keeps flashing red. If I reconfigure sensors with Lo pressure of 0 psi starts to beep.
when I try to load new firmware, I press start and screen goes blank. I press start key on tp09 and nothing happens. Firmware will not up load to tp09
load latest firmware onto TP09?
Jimmy, 18:22
it will not load onto the device, see last message
when you load firmware, you turned on the TP09?
Jimmy, 18:26
The device is on, the screen is red, there is no alarm. I have opened serial port , load successful. Loaded ne firmware, screen still red, I click start on configure device and screen goes blank. I hold down start button on device and screen come on with a beep and starts to flash red. But no upload of firmware happens.
If I do old versions of firmware it will work OK.
let me check here. will update you asap. another thing, have you checked the AT09 firmware?
Jimmy, 18:31
how do I check the firmware? sorry AT09, not tp 09
check if all sensors available in platform.
Jimmy, 18:37
all sensors are not being detected in platform, but when configuration tool attached to AT09 all sensors are shown in the configuration tool but not in longtrac. Service 1 works well. PCC6661 and PM001 doe not work.
wait, let me update the first.
Jimmy, 19:02
PCC6661 has 12 tires - 4 steer tires and 8 drive tires. PM001 has 2 steer tires and 8 drive tires
Jimmy, 21:07
I have tried that this evening. I wasn't sure if you were still working on longtrac because Service 3 doesn't seem to be detected in longtrac
you can send me the logs?
Jimmy, 21:20
Ok I will have to get them in the morning
you can find it in the folder where the configuration software is.
Jimmy, 21:24
Jimmy, 17:24
Hi Leaper, Sorry I have been very busy, I will send through the log files from yesterday and today. Also, we have just fitted an internal sensor to a forestry tire and it appears to be working OK.
I will follow up with more testing tomorrow, Ihave to leave now.
hi, thanks. :) you can send me when it's available.
it shows sim busy. can try to re-insert the simcard?
hello Jimmy?
Jimmy, 18:01
Hi Leaper, I have tried reinserting the sim card and also rebooting the device a number of times, but the green light continues to blink rapidly.
the simcard is same as that used in service1?
Jimmy, 18:04
The sim card is from the same provider, but it is a different number than hte one tha is in Service 1
Jimmy, 18:12
sorry, we haven't sent out yet.
Jimmy, 18:27
When I look at reports for Service 1 there is 365 records, when I look at PCC6661 there is only 8, PM001 there is 39 records, but no TPMS data?
8 means 8 records?
Jimmy, 8:07
that's right.
hi, possible to try other service provider? other than teltra?
Jimmy, 11:31
It is possible but Telstra was the government owned telco in Australia and has the best coverage, especially in the rural areas. Changing to another service provider may make things worse.
hi Jimmy
how's the test of devices?
hi Jimmy, the standard strap length is about 1.5m usually we use configuration software to read and differentiate the sensors ID of these sensors .
e.g., if we put one sensor onto tyre stem, sensor pressure value higher than others, we can know the ID of sensor.
Jimmy, 15:21
OK, but when you get the sensor from production how do you know what ID number to enter into AT09, before you configure the AT09 to detect the sensors that you want to use.
same way, put one sensor onto the tire stem with 30psi pressure. our configuration software would show the ID which has 30psi pressure value.
at the same time, we can test the sensor works or not.
Jimmy, 14:00
What happens if you have a box full of new sensors with no ID on the sensor, do you have a scanner / reader that will tell you what the sensor ID is?
What happens if you have a box full of new sensors with no ID on the sensor, do you have a scanner / reader that will tell you what the sensor ID is? ------ yes, regarding to our previous conversation, we can offer the scanner, so you can read the sensors's ID
this is the scanner's pictures for your reviw.