customer service for Columbian client about gps tracking and video.

[10/18 13:19:28] R. L.:
My name is Russell I would like information on some of your products
[10/18 14:03:41]TomanBox:
hi, how are you?
[10/18 14:04:01] R. L.:
I'm good how about you
[10/18 14:04:10]TomanBox:
good, too. Thanks .
[10/18 14:04:42] R. L.:
You build gps tracking
[10/18 14:05:33] TomanBox:
[10/18 14:05:49] R. L.:
Do you monitor it also
[10/18 14:05:58] TomanBox:
[14:06:11] TomanBox:
you need gps trackign service?
[10/18 14:06:31] R. L.:
Can you build gps tracker and tpms into 1
[10/18 14:07:19] R. L.:
Are can you build me a tracker that would go inside if a rim and bolt up to the valve stem
[10/18 14:07:41] TomanBox:
Can you build gps tracker and tpms into 1------yes?
[10/18 14:08:01] R. L.:
[10/18 14:09:16] R. L.:
What if I have a new model chevy vehical will the tpms program to the computer in the vehical and you would monitor the gps tracking
[10/18 14:09:19] TomanBox:
by the way, where are you from?
[10/18 14:09:36] R. L.:
Louisana, United States. I need tracking device to go inside of automobile rims can you help with that
[10/18 14:12:07] TomanBox:
whole gps tracker device to go inside rims?
[10/18 14:12:35] R. L.:
Yes 1 per wheel so 4 of them
[10/18 14:13:39] TomanBox:
so far our tpms sensors go onto the tire stems or inside tire , the gps tracker communicate with them by RF433 frequency.
[10/18 14:14:38] R. L.:
I gps tracker to go inside rims that you would monitor
[10/18 14:16:43] R. L.:
Are can you show me the smallest gps tracker that would hold up inside of a rim that I could build my own mounting device
[10/18 14:20:23] TomanBox:
why need the whole gps trackers into rim?
[10/18 14:20:52] R. L.:
What do you mean the whole
[10/18 14:21:15] R. L.:
I want to monitor my rims in case they get stolen
[10/18 14:23:07] R. L.:
I want to manufacture and retail them
[10/18 14:23:11] TomanBox:
rims stolen from vehicle?
[10/18 14:23:17] R. L.:
[10/18 14:30:05] TomanBox:
let me check.
[10/18 14:30:15] R. L.:
[10/18 14:30:26] TomanBox:
so you just want to know whether rim sotlen or not.
[10/18 14:31:14] R. L.:
Yes , I also want someone to monitor them and report to police if they are stole
[10/18 14:31:41] R. L.:
I'm willing to purchase in bulk if you can produce.
[10/18 14:33:05] TomanBox:
what kind of vehcles?
[10/18 14:33:58] R. L.:
Any type I want them to fit in all vehicals from old to 2017 models
[10/18 14:40:57] TomanBox:
[10/18 14:41:11] TomanBox:
they only steal rims?
[10/18 14:41:52] TomanBox:
if stolen happens, some other sensors would work accordingly.
[10/18 14:42:27] R. L.:
Sometimes yes , if you can sell me the gps and my own server for me to track all the ones I sell.
[10/18 14:42:50] R. L.:
What other sensors
[10/18 14:43:49] TomanBox:
like tremble sensors of gps trackers.
[10/18 14:44:05] R. L.:
I do not know what that is.
[10/18 14:44:15] TomanBox:
we can judge whether theft happens with some indications.
[10/18 14:44:46] R. L.:
I have a car lot and they have been stealing my rims so I want to protect them.
[10/18 14:49:55] TomanBox:
why they don't steal car?
[10/18 14:50:09] TomanBox:
only rims?
[10/18 14:50:40] R. L.:
They can't get the car off the lot all they want is wheels. If you can't help me it's ok I'll try and find some one in the states , so let me know.
[10/18 14:55:20] TomanBox:
let us think about this please.
[10/18 14:55:28] TomanBox:
we want to find a solution.
[10/18 14:55:42] R. L.:
Ok thanks.
[10/18 14:55:52] TomanBox:
you email address : <*******[email protected]>?
[10/18 14:56:17] TomanBox:
How many devices will you need if the solution works?
[10/18 14:56:58] R. L.:
If you can build me a tracker that would be wireless and the battery life last a couple years are it was self charging , I mean charge from the motion of the wheel , I can build bracket to hold it.
[10/18 14:57:40] TomanBox:
charge from the motion of the wheel?
[10/18 14:57:49] TomanBox:
what possible size is ok?
[10/18 14:58:07] R. L.:
I want it to be private label , so you tell me how many I have to buy to get private label and you sell to me only , I will buy every month if the price is right.
[10/18 14:58:24] R. L.:
Smaller the better.
[10/18 14:59:05] R. L.:
Yes from the motion of the wheel are a battery life of let's say the same battery life of a tpms sensor.
[10/18 15:00:53] TomanBox:
ok. note it.
[10/18 15:01:08] R. L.:
When will I hear from you
[10/18 15:01:24] R. L.:
By the way my name is Russell what is yours.
[10/18 15:01:36] TomanBox:
my name is Leaper.
[10/18 15:01:46] TomanBox:
i will reply you asap.
[10/18 15:01:53] TomanBox:
i need to check with my team first.
[10/18 15:02:57] R. L.:
If you can do it how much do you think it would cost per wheel.
[10/18 15:04:04] R. L.:
What is your name
my name is Leaper Liao.
[10/18 15:05:08] TomanBox:
the power charging would be biggest isuse.
[10/18 15:06:24] TomanBox:
the other thing, if this is only for rims, then no need TPMS sensors, only gps tracker function is ok.
[10/18 15:06:02] R. L.:
How long does the battery in ur tpms last.
[10/18 15:07:28] TomanBox:
the tpms sensor uses cell button battery.
[10/18 15:08:07] TomanBox:
which can last 3 years or so in normal use. since tpms sensor would get into sleep mode if not moving.
[10/18 15:08:28] R. L.:
Correct I just figured it would be easier to make them work by bolting on to the valve steem but I can mount inside the rim with a metal band。
[10/18 15:08:56] TomanBox:
and the cell button battery can't provide enough current for the gps tracker's running.
[10/18 15:11:09] TomanBox:
I just figured it would be easier to make them work by bolting on to the valve steem----------yes, easier.
[10/18 15:11:23] R. L.:
Somthing like this would work.
[10/18 15:12:45] R. L.:
Of course that's why I asked for tpms and tracker combo , alll new vehicals come with tpms so I don't won't to get rid of tpms I need both.
[10/18 15:14:27] R. L.:
And the new model automobiles only have one valve stem hole unless we made a valve stem that could hold the tpms sensor and the tracker.
[10/18 15:15:12] TomanBox:
[10/18 15:15:44] R. L.:
Thank you.
[10/18 15:18:55] TomanBox:
We will discuss first, and let you know.
[10/18 15:19:09] R. L.:
[10/21 09:06:57] R. L.:
Just checking with you to see if you have hard anything on gps tracker.
[10/21 15:35:43] TomanBox:
[10/21 15:57:19] TomanBox:
[14:35:41] TomanBox:
Hi, I sent you email. You got it?
[14:36:52] R. L.:
Good morning
[14:37:37] TomanBox:
We can offer a solution for rims anti theft.
[14:37:48] TomanBox:
Good evening:)
[14:37:58] R. L.:
The email did. Not come threw yet.
[14:39:09] TomanBox:
[14:39:42] TomanBox:
The tire sensor can communicated with gps tracker every minutes.
[14:39:50] R. L.:
Can u send it again?
[14:39:56] TomanBox:
Yes, a moment.
[14:40:06] R. L.:
What's the cost per?
[14:41:43] TomanBox:
I attached pricelist also.
[14:42:04] TomanBox:
You need 3g gps tracker?
[14:42:42] R. L.:
What email did u send it from?
[14:43:25] TomanBox:
[14:43:32] TomanBox:
I will send again.
[14:46:46] R. L.:
I have car dealerships I need someone to montior them.
[14:50:22] R. L.:
So from what I'm seeing it , how many pieces are per vehicle.
[14:50:25] TomanBox:
[14:51:41] R. L.:
Give me a total price per vehical.
[14:52:10] TomanBox:
If it's 3g tracker, it's $87/pc for samples, and the tire sensor is$14.5/pc.
[14:53:13] R. L.:
So 145.00 per car.
[14:53:23] TomanBox:
$87+$14.5*4=$145. Yes for samples.
[14:53:48] R. L.:
To high.
[14:54:20] TomanBox:
2g tracker is ok in your local place?
[14:54:48] R. L.:
I have no idea
[14:57:50] TomanBox:
2g tracke is cheaper. If the device test is ok, how many devices will you need? You use Skype? Sometimes we have difficulties getting messages on what'sApp. $87 and $14.5 is samples price.
[16:27:38] R. L.:
Start of with 500
[15:25:06] TomanBox:
Emails resent. you kindly check it. If 500 sets, the at09-3g can be $73/pc, the tire sensors can be $12.5. $123 totally. All are cars in your parking?
Who will monitor the vehicals
Who will monitor the vehicals.
[20:15:34] R. L.:
Call me.
[20:16:28] TomanBox:
You can monitor yourself.
[20:16:54] R. L.:
Who does the monitoring.
[20:21:52] TomanBox:
You can install softwares in your server. You monitor yourself.
[20:21:39] R. L.:
No I need a company to monitor for me.
[20:22:49] R. L.:
If the wheels get stolen will it tell me exactly where they are at.
[20:25:05] TomanBox:
If wheels get stolen, it will make sms alert. Ok but will it track the wheels to a new location.
[20:25:34] R. L.:
[20:26:21] TomanBox:
And so far we are not able to monitor where wheels are.
[20:26:55] TomanBox:
Ok but will it track the wheels to a new location—
[20:27:21] R. L.:
I need to be able to track if they get stolen.
[20:46:21] TomanBox:
Our existing products don't have such function: tracking after theft. :(
[20:50:23] TomanBox:
Can only alter when theft happens.
[20:58:31] R. L.:
That will not work.
[2020/6/6 15:34:03] TomanBox:
hi, we developed new functions on gps tracking device at05 , which can observe the driver behavior : overspeeding, idle driving, harsh acceleration, harsh brake, harsh left turn, harsh right turn.
[2020/7/14 15:20:03] TomanBox:
if we make a gps tracker especially for tires?
[2020/7/14 15:21:17] TomanBox:
means make a hole on wheel, put gps tracker in hole.
[2020/10/14 11:09:49] TomanBox:
hello, how are you?
[2021/4/7 21:07:56] TomanBox:
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