customer service for Sourth African client about gps tracking.

[2019/5/15, 05:31:02] client:
[2019/5/15, 05:31:02] client:
Good day
[2019/5/15, 09:48:21] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/15, 12:51:55] client:
[2019/5/15, 12:52:15] Totem and Toman:
How are you?
[2019/5/15, 12:52:58] client:
I am fine and how are you
[2019/5/15, 12:54:32] client:
Do you understand the tracker I want
[2019/5/15, 12:54:46] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/15, 12:55:34] Totem and Toman:
So far we can only offer neck belt solutions:(
[2019/5/15, 13:02:24] client:
Thank you yes I understand but can you check any possibilities to develop this solution with your team,even another shenzen company i met at Hong Kong electronics expo said they only have neck belt but the risk is that it can be removed by thief's unless you can develop bonding glue on it that can be glued on horn I think small and strong glu is another solution
[2019/5/15, 13:36:40] Totem and Toman:
If microchip tracker inside, how to charge it?
[2019/5/15, 14:33:12] client:
That is the solution need research because there are microchip that are inserted for health diagnosis on livestock but I dont know how they scan also there is bolasis system maybe in Mexico and Kenya put in stomach but uses arial or rfid but no more information I saw on internet
[2019/5/15, 14:36:24] client:
How are micro dot system works that is sprayed on assets and vehicles that is also gives me a hope that it is possible to have solution closer to this information
[2019/5/15, 17:08:28] client:
We can test after and market all over africa
[2019/5/15, 17:08:33] client:
And world
[2019/5/16, 18:06:16] client:
Good day I'm trying to search solutions about the tracker but I think we can try small device that can use bonding glue with the horn unable to remove solar dependent than belt
[2019/5/16, 18:06:54] Totem and Toman:
Solar powered?
[2019/5/16, 18:06:59] client:
[2019/5/16, 18:07:32] Totem and Toman:
How big the solar panel should be?
[2019/5/16, 18:10:05] Totem and Toman:
How many data a day?
[2019/5/16, 18:10:51] client:
My concern is the tracker that is not easy to be taken away I'm not sure about solar size or small strong battery can also be good for continuous service to clients using Ellen key to open
[2019/5/16, 18:16:16] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/16, 18:18:02] client:
How far Shenzhen from Hong Kong I know Hong kong
[2019/5/16, 18:18:23] Totem and Toman:
Shen Zhen borders on jingling
[2019/5/16, 18:18:44] Totem and Toman:
Shen Zhen borders on Hong Kong.
[2019/5/16, 18:21:06] client:
Not far on HKTDC 2017 I met Mingshang company I think they were from your area
[2019/5/16, 18:22:07] client:
Looking forward to visit the district
[2019/5/16, 18:22:15] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/16, 18:22:24] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/16, 18:23:03] client:
But south Africa is 14 hour flight
[2019/5/16, 18:24:11] client:
Time difference -6 hours back
[2019/5/16, 18:24:36] client:
Now its midday 12h24
[2019/5/16, 18:25:32] Totem and Toman:
Yes. 18:25 here.
[2019/5/16, 20:18:52] Totem and Toman:
What is Ellen key?
[2019/5/16, 21:06:11] client:
L shaped screw driver inserted on hole nut to open like on power adapters
[2019/5/16, 21:37:18] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/16, 21:40:15] client:
Normally how much 100 belt trackers or ear trackers
[2019/5/16, 21:59:50] Totem and Toman:
It’s $28/pc for belt trackers.
[2019/5/16, 22:13:20] client:
Us $ or yen or hkd
[2019/5/16, 22:13:38] Totem and Toman:
US dollar
[2019/5/16, 22:13:49] client:
[2019/5/17, 19:58:11] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/17, 19:58:33] Totem and Toman:
do you have your own gps tracking software?
[2019/5/17, 20:28:17] client:
[2019/5/17, 20:28:41] client:
This is new idea of trackers
[2019/5/17, 20:29:07] client:
I only install CCTV cameras and other electronics
[2019/5/17, 20:31:18] client:
I will also get from you
[2019/5/17, 20:31:38] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/17, 20:31:53] Totem and Toman:
cctv in buildings?
[2019/5/17, 20:33:41] client:
[2019/5/17, 20:33:50] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/17, 20:34:21] client:
There is a lot I want to learn from china
[2019/5/17, 20:34:49] Totem and Toman:
[2019/5/22, 06:33:11] client:
Good day do you sell infrared passenger counter for public bus
[2019/5/22, 06:33:34] client:
In and out coming passengers
[2019/5/22, 06:34:03] client:
Not camera
[2020/3/28, 17:22:57] client:
Hope you are safe on this covid19 with family
[2020/3/28, 21:13:43] Totem and Toman:
[2020/3/28, 21:13:56] Totem and Toman:
[2020/3/28, 21:15:11] Totem and Toman:
how are you?
[2020/3/28, 21:15:32] client:
I am well and you
[2020/3/28, 21:25:58] client:
How is business
[2020/3/28, 21:35:12] Totem and Toman:
it’s slow.
[2020/3/28, 21:36:18] client:
I understand slow every where
[2020/3/29, 22:25:31] client:
Good day any chinese herbs for covid19 prevention
[2020/3/29, 22:43:21] Totem and Toman:
[2020/3/29, 22:43:36] Totem and Toman:
you want it?
[2020/3/29, 23:17:18] client:
Yes but I dont know all flights stop
[2020/6/6, 11:01:35] Totem and Toman:
hi, we developed new functions on gps tracking device at05 , which can observe the driver behavior : overspeeding, idle driving, harsh acceleration, harsh brake, harsh left turn, harsh right turn.
[2020/6/8, 01:52:20] client:
my email for more info
[2020/7/21, 15:36:38] Totem and Toman:
hi our software platform is ready for TPMS function. you can check it on
[2020/10/14, 11:10:41] Totem and Toman:
hello, how are you?
[2020/10/14, 13:55:20] client:
Long time I'm fine and you
[2020/10/14, 15:02:42] Totem and Toman:
fine, too. thanks.
[2020/10/14, 15:02:43] Totem and Toman:
are you still interested in the gps tracking? :)
[2021/4/7, 21:24:03] Totem and Toman:
hi are you still interested in gps tracking? we offer some special solutions like tire pressure monitoring in gps tracking, 4g solar powered gps tracker, 4g magnetic gps tracker, lowest cost 4g gps for motorcycles. let me know if you want to know more🙂
[2021/4/8, 01:37:40] client:
The solution I need is livestock tracker very tiny
[2021/4/8, 16:32:16] Totem and Toman:
you can try our at02
[2021/4/8, 16:32:26] Totem and Toman:
how tiny you want?
[2021/4/8, 16:35:17] client:
Can you send pic
[2021/4/8, 16:36:33] client:
Actually the stock theft is high in south Africa and I want something not too visible fast as we know tracker must not be visible
[2021/4/8, 16:38:05] client:
But challenge is power but I see tracker on whales and sharks and on lions if possible a dot matrix or solution that can be mounted either on foot of a cattle
[2021/4/8, 16:38:44] Totem and Toman:
[2021/4/8, 16:39:07] client:
Thank you I'll check
[2021/4/8, 16:39:11] Totem and Toman:
not be visible?
[2021/4/8, 16:40:34] client:
Thts good size
[2021/4/8, 16:40:47] client:
Power supply how
[2021/4/8, 16:40:52] client:
Mini 2g
[2021/4/8, 16:42:43] client:
That is very good
[2021/4/8, 16:42:55] client:
I'm interested on it
[2021/4/8, 16:43:24] Totem and Toman:
charge by 5v power.
[2021/4/8, 16:44:17] client:
Covid lockdown can you check how shipping is done
[2021/4/8, 16:44:42] client:
how many units you sell or for sample
[2021/4/8, 16:44:48] Totem and Toman:
how many samples you want?
[2021/4/8, 16:44:53] client:
[2021/4/8, 16:45:16] client:
First minimum for marketing
[2021/4/8, 16:48:43] client:
100 units
[2021/4/8, 16:51:50] client:
How long battery take when charged hours
[2021/4/8, 17:01:55] Totem and Toman:
if one data each hour, it can be 13days or so.
[2021/4/8, 17:02:19] Totem and Toman:
the device is of low power consumption.
[2021/4/8, 17:05:56] Totem and Toman:
can let us know the address, zip code, TEL, company name, receiver?
[2021/4/8, 17:06:07] Totem and Toman:
so we can check the shipping cost.
[2021/4/8, 17:06:16] Totem and Toman:
and how do you make payment?
[2021/4/8, 17:07:50] client:
I will see your payment methods
[2021/4/8, 17:08:12] client:
But I want to read it first
[2021/4/8, 17:08:24] Totem and Toman:
bank transfer, western union, paypal.
[2021/4/8, 17:08:43] client:
I'm not on stable position on the road preference bank transfer
[2021/4/8, 17:09:14] Totem and Toman:
[2021/4/8, 17:09:24] Totem and Toman:
let me check
[2021/4/8, 17:09:25] client:
And marketing plan very fast
[2021/4/8, 17:09:48] client:
I'm in south africa
[2021/4/8, 17:09:50] Totem and Toman:
you have gps tracking software platform?
[2021/4/8, 17:10:15] Totem and Toman:
[2021/4/8, 17:10:25] client:
It will be new business so I'll start from beginning to create
[2021/4/8, 17:10:39] client:
By your guidance
[2021/4/8, 17:12:56] Totem and Toman:
[2021/4/8, 18:15:55] client:
Quotation for 100 how much
[2021/4/8, 18:16:19] Totem and Toman:
we have 40 units in stock
[2021/4/8, 18:16:23] Totem and Toman:
still checking
[2021/4/8, 18:16:45] Totem and Toman:
so far the components prices soaring.
[2021/4/8, 18:17:57] client:
Yes can you check 10
[2021/4/8, 18:18:04] client:
[2021/4/8, 18:18:31] client:
I just an idea for budgeting or planning
[2021/4/8, 18:19:07] Totem and Toman:
$23/pc for 10units
[2021/4/8, 18:19:27] client:
In hk dollar or
[2021/4/8, 18:19:38] Totem and Toman:
US dollars
[2021/4/8, 18:20:30] client:
Oh affordable
[2021/4/8, 18:20:37] client:
[2021/4/8, 18:20:46] client:
Then software
[2021/4/8, 18:21:17] client:
Or its downloaded
[2021/4/8, 18:21:55] Totem and Toman:
you can login on web browser
[2021/4/8, 18:22:03] Totem and Toman:
[2021/4/8, 18:22:23] Totem and Toman:
will be downloaded soon.
[2021/4/8, 18:22:39] Totem and Toman:
account: demo888; password: demo888
[2021/4/8, 18:25:08] client:
Thnks I'll look when I'm stable afternoon very interested but my other worry is shipping to south Africa I wish borders can open fast it's easy to come there than shipping our customs take long to clear
[2021/4/8, 18:25:26] client:
But we are on alert level 1
[2021/4/8, 18:30:07] Totem and Toman:
[2023/7/26, 22:01:50] Totem and Toman:
Hi, we developed a solar powered rechargeable bank with 10000mAh battery and 12v / 5v power output, which can be used in continuously charging gps tracker, video recorder, tpms etc on vehicle’s or wild area. If interested please let us know.😊
[2023/9/18, 09:27:43] Totem and Toman:
hi how are you?