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Are you still looking for a stable GPS tracker hardware and worry about your vehicles tire pressure status? Are you not only caring about the vehicles security, but also the productivity, efficiency, and lower expenses? Are you trying to manage your fleets with comprehensive data like fuel consumption, tire pressure status, driver behaviors?

Totem Tech is going to solve these problems above for you!

We are dedicated to providing more suitable solutions for car security and the integration of GPS trackers and tire pressure monitoring system with better functionality, the flexibility at the most competitive pricing.
Solutions for GPS tracking system and tire pressure monitoring system

GPS Tracking Devices.

gps trackers

• support fuel consumption meter & weight sensor
• u-blox GPS for better positioning accuracy
• support garmin navigator & cargo dispatching...

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LED Tyre Pressure Monitor


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
• Blinking if the Tire pressure is low
• Tire pressure value can be resettable...

tyre pressure monitoring system, led TPMS

GPS Tracking Software Platform

gps tracker, car gps, tire pressure monitoring system

Web Based GPS Tracking Software

• Multi-users,multi-windows management
• Real-time track vehicles...

check the fleet management platform

About Us

GPS tracker and TPMS Totem Technology Co., Ltd is a leading hi-tech manufacturer specializing in the fields of GPS Vehicle trackers, Fleet Management system and Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Through several years development and long-standing customers supports, we have established an integrated system including the R&D of software and hardware,production, marketing and strong after-sales services.

We are also the manufacturer and designer of Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) products. Comparing to the current TPMS products on market, we offer a economical and convenient and mechanical way other than current RTPMS products which is hard installing and costive.

Tire Pressure Monitors give indication and assurance to the driver that tires will perform according to expectations. For as little as one penny, per wheel per day, it makes common sense to protect your asset, family and future. More-----

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