Products: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Are you worrying about your tires pressure when you drive with your family? Do you want to know the tire status easily when you can't know them by eyes? Are you looking for the economical solution for tire pressure?

Try our LED indicator TPMS valve caps ! special TPMS which features its accuracy, visibility and lower cost
Model No.: TP03

LED indicator TPMS valve caps

Special Features

● Blink RED as alarm if tire pressure is lower than precalibrated value
● Support recalibrating tire pressure alarm value
● Battery Replaceable
● Anti-theft Design
● Waterproof and Air Tightness
● suitable for most vehicles
● Temperature compensation to avoid false alarms
TMPS,tyre pressure alarm LED

Safe tire status and under inflated status

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LED TPMS Concept:

conecept of led tire pressure valve caps

Technical Properties:

Housing Material brass
Antitheft sleeve Stainless steel
Battery shelf Life time 3 years or so
LED Blinking time 3 weeks
Standby time 3 years
Weight 15g
Operating temperature -40 to 85°C (-40 to 170°F)
Dimensions 15 x 25 mm (ø x h)
Working Pressure range 10psi to 300psi (or 0.7bar to 20 bar)
detecting accuracy + - 1.5psi

How to use the led tire pressure monitors?     Or you can check the video on youtube:

Benefit From the LED tyre pressure monitor

● Extend the life of the tire.
● Save your fuel consumption.
● Save your money.
● Control the tire pressure constantly.
● Release your attention from tire and more safety.
● No more tire break-ups due to running tires under inflated.


difference between LED tire pressure monitor, colour valve caps and wireless TPMS:

LED tire pressure monitor
colour ring valve caps
wireless TPMS
LED blinking
Color Ring: green, yellow, red
Display by wireless
+/- 1.5 psi
+/- 5 psi
+/- 1.5 psi
wonderful. visible at dark also
N/A. Shown in display
casing material
Brass, stainless steel
Aluminum,Brass, Plastic
PCBA inside
suit all vehicles
Anti-theft design
some yes, some no


Packing Details

4pcs TP03 in 1 box;

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With this kind of tire pressure valve cap, you can easily find your cars tires status. Also you can install the tire pressure caps conveniently with our special keys. If without our special key, the caps are hardly taken off from tire stems.

Such tire pressure caps don't cost you too much money, but the accuracy and working life are great due to the special design which is patented.

Comparing to the color tire pressure indicator cap, this kind of caps are much better in accuracy for tire pressure and wider in the detection range which is from 10psi to 150psi.
Comparing to the digital tire pressure monitors, this kind of tire pressure caps are lower in cost, and have wider pressure detection range, and has same contribution to the tires life & fuel saving & drivers or passengers safety.

This tire pressure caps can be used in motorcycles, cars, trucks, OTR tires etc

If you calibrated wrong pressure value into device, you can erase the pressure value from tire pressure caps , then set new air pressure value into device. It also supports using onto another tires/vehicles due to the resettability on tires pressure value