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Model No.: AT07-3G
3g signal of 3g gps tracker

3G GPS tracker

Supported in world popular GPS tracking software platforms:  


• Send data to two servers simultaneously
• 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer movement status monitoring
• GPS and GLONASS supported simultaneously
• BeiDou and Galileo supported optionally
• Firmware upgrade by OTA
• Support DC 9v --50v , over-voltage protection
• Send commands to GPS trackers via GPRS or SMS
• Send GPRS data to IP or domain name
• 16Mb Flash Memory( stores 4000pcs or so data)
• Fuel/oil level detection with high accuracy
• Google map link sent via SMS
• Voice monitoring function with microphone
• user defined settings on I/O ports: digital input, digital output
High temperature battery for severe car environment
To see the traces of AT07, please check here:

gps tracker supporting RFID reader, camera, fuel level monitoring

Solutions supported by AT07-3G

fuel level monitoring
Garmin navigation
OBDII monitoring
camera monitoring
RFID reader identification
iButton reader verification system
Biometric finger prints reader
magnetic stripe reader identification

Description for GPS tracking

• UMTS/ HSPA+ and GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE coverage:
• 850/900/1800/1900MHz@GSM
• u-blox GPS module with high GPS positioning accuracy
• Voice SMS, GPRS TCP / UDP communications
• Real time tracking and history data traces tracking
• Track by cell phone or web based tracking software
• Real-time tracking (Time, Distance Interval or Intelligent Mode)
• Control car doors close/open, Detect the status of engine on/off
• Intelligent power management: normal, sleep, deep sleep
• 16Mb flash memory for data storage in GSM blind area
• Sleep mode for Saving Power and GPRS traffic
• Backup battery: 800 mAh Li Polymer battery
• Geo-fencing reports: into-Geo-fence; Out Geo-fence
• Motion sensor for vehicle motion detections
• Different GPRS data string sending intervals:
           • sending data at certain interval in engine on or tremble state;
           • sending data at the other interval in engine off or still state
• Flexible GPRS data sending modes by different triggers:
           data string sent by time interval;
           data string sent by distance;
           data string sent by course change.
gps tracker supporting RFID reader, camera, fuel level monitoring

Alarm Events

Over-Speeding | Low battery | Geo-Fencing | Vibration Detect| Car Door Status | Power Supply Off | Panic Alert | GPS Antenna Cut | Engine Status | Course Change |


GPS Antenna: 1pcs |   I/O cables: 1 set

Relay | Door Sensor | Fuel Sensor | Camera | Temperature sensor | Microphone | Speaker | Buzzer | Ibutton Reader and Ibutton tags | RFID reader and RFID tags | LED lamp | weighing sensor | fuel consumption meter

Technical Properties

 Power Supply  +12v --- +60v / 1.5A
 Internal Battery  800mAh, rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery,
 anti-high temperature to 80°C
 Normal power consumption  2W, 12.5W at peak
 Dimension  89×55×25mm
 Weight  100g
 Operating temperature  -20° to 60° C
 Humidity  5% to 95% Non-condensing
 Frequency  3G: 900/2100MHz | 850/1900MHz | 850/2100MHz
 GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
 GPS Module   u-blox g7020 KT
 GPS Sensitivity  -162 dBm
 Receiver type  50 Channels | GPS L1 frequency, C/A Code | SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS
 Horizontal position accuracy  GPS 2.5 m | SBAS 2.0 m | SBAS + PPP7 < 1 m (2D, R50)8) |
 SBAS + PPP7 < 2 m (3D, R50)8
 Velocity Accuracy  0.1 m/s
 Reacquisition  0.1 sec., average
 Hot start  1 s
 Warm start  1 s
 Cold start  27 s
 Heading accuracy  0.5 degrees
 Velocity Accuracy  0.1m/s
 LED  3 LED lights to show GPS/GSM/Power status
 Flash Memory  16Mb 
 Button  One SOS Button
Interface  1 switch input, 4 digital inputs , 3 digital outputs, 1 analog inputs,
 1 RS232 ports, 1 1-wires for temperature sensors, 4 ports for voice communication


size of gps tracker at07-3G

Packing Details

weight for 1 set device: 0.1kg
Inner box size:                           15×12.5×4.5cm
W.G. for 60 sets in 1 carton:         800g
size for 1 carton:              48×37×33 cm
capacity in one carton:   60pcs box / carton

     box for GPS tracker      carton for GPS tracker
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