Product: Magnetic Strip Reader in GPS Tracking

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Model No.: Magnetic Strip Reader in GPS Tracking

magnetic strip reader in gps tracking solution

How does Magnetic Strip Reader function in GPS tracking?

Card ID Verification

If one user swipe his/her card onto magnetic strip reader, one ID related data string would be sent out to server by gprs/3g whatever the user authorised or not.↓

Vehicles immobilization or not status

But if card authorised, GPS device would set the relay to make vehicles ready for starting; otherwise, the vehicles would be still in engine immobilization status.

RFID reader in gps tracking


● Bi-directional card reading, high error-tolerant, high card reading speed
● Adopting arm suspension type magnetic head assembly
● platinum manganese alloy material in magnetic head
● Dual-track static current of the whole machine is below 10mA/5V.Strong interference resistance


it is a hand swipe operated magnetic card reading machine with RS232 interface, adopting high integrated magnetic card decoding chip. They have small electricity consumption and strong interference resistance. They comply with ISO-7811、7812 magnetic card decoding standard completely. It can read card bi-directionally, free to choose data with or without enter key and has intelligent lights to alert if card data is read correctly. Exquisite magnetic installation structure makes card reading more stable and reliable, which is our patented technology. Reasonable product design makes products small and compact.

Technical Properties

 Track Standard  Comply with ISO7811/7812, AAMVA
Decoding method  F2F(FM)
Start Character  Track 1 "%", Track 2"?", Track 3"+"
 Data bit  Track 1 79characters(7-bit), Track 2 40characters(5-bit), Track3 107characters(5-bit)
 Card thickness  0.2~0.84mm
 Voltage  DC5V±0.5V
 Static Current  10mA/5V
 Tracking reading width  1.5mm
 Magstripe passing speed  15-120cm/sec(6-50inch/sec)
 Magnetic head life span  More than 800,000 passes
 Error rate  Lower than 0.5%
 Operating temperature & humidity  0-50°C, 20-90%H
 Storage temperature & humidity  -30-- 70°C, less than 95%RH
 Vibration  Amplitude 2mm, 2G, 10-55Hz/min in X, Y, Z direction
 Impact resistance  Up to 30G, 11 msec

What Benefits From magnetic stripe reader function in gps tracking?

More control on fleet drivers with issued cards
Authorize driver can drive vehicle away. Both authorized and unauthorized driver card ID would be transmitted onto server as records.

Card reader function working even in no GSM/3G signal area
If fleet companies keep the authorized card ID in gps tracking devices, even in no GSM/3G signal areas, the card ID verification part in gps tracking device would still function normally, meanwhile it saves ID data in memory for future data transmission if 3g/GSM signal is ok again.

GPS history traces come with driver ID
If the driver shows the card onto reader, the ID data would be sent to server. If driver doesn't start the engine in 2 minutes, vehicle would go into not-able-to-start-engine mode again; after driving sometime, driver turns off engine, after 2 minutes, it would go into not-able-to-start-engine mode. software platform can record which driver was in vehicle.

Anti vehicles theft
Only authorized driver can start the engine. magnetic reader function prevents Unauthorized drivers or thieves from driving vehicle away without permissions.