Products: GPS Tracking Solution

Model No.: AT08

Magnetic long standing tracking device

AT08 series product is a STM32 MCU platform with a ultra low power consumption MCU product. It Offers 3G and 4G networking. It has two strong magnets and 4000mAh li-polymer battery for long time working and strong attachment. You can use it on fleet, container, and other metal surface by magnets of device. Supported in GPS tracking software platforms: It can be implemented on fleet, container and other metal surface by magnetic bar under the device. traccar    gurtam    gpsgate   gps-server  


3G | 4G LTE.
5V external power supply
3D tremble sensor detecting movement and stop
Standard Size Sim
4000mAh li-polymer Battery
2M stoarage for16000 data
Micro USB interface
Firmware OTA
Lower Power Consumption
Smart Power Management
two magnets for stronger force
30 days in 60 mins interval
3-4 hrs full charge by 5V

magnetic long standing gps tracking device 3g / 4g
long standing magnets gps tracker at08
long standing magnets gps tracker at08


USB charge cables: 1 pc


Environment Specs

 Operating Temperature   -20°C to 60°C
   Battery charge: 0°C to 45°C Battery;discharge: -20°C to 60 °C  Storage: -20°C to 60°C
 Humidity  5% to 95% Non-condensing

Electrical Specs

 Power supply range  DC 5V
 Maximum current  idle: 70mA
   sleep: 39mA
   deep sleep: 1mA
 magnet  Neodymium magnet
   BHmax: 287-310(KJ/m3)
   working tempeature: 80°C
   remanence: 1200-1250(T)


 LTE / 4G  Quectel EG91 for AT08 4G (LTE CAT 1)
   B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28 @ LTE FDD, B1/B8 @ WCDMA,
   B2/B4/B5/B12/B13 @ LTE FDD, B2/B4/B5 @ WCDMA,
   B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B25/B26 @ LTE FDD, B2/B4/B5 @ WCDMA,
 GNSS module  uBlox M8 engine | AT6558R
 GPS/  Glonass/ BeiDou  Frequency: 1575.42MHz (GPS), 1601.71MHz (Glonass)
   Acquisition sensitivity: -148dBm
   Tracking sensitivity: -162dBm
   Reacquisition sensitivity: -160dBm
   CEP: 2.5m

How to Use

1. unscrew 4 screws to open the casing. gps tracking device AT08-4G
2. push the SIM slot to unlock it. SIM metal side faces to PCB board. gps tracking device AT08-4G
3. lock the SIM in slot. gps tracking device AT08-4G
4. push the SIM slot to unlock it. SIM metal side faces to PCB board. gps tracking device AT08-4G
5. connect device to PC by USB cable and run configurator or configure by SMS. gps tracking device AT08-4G
6. charge device by wall charger or cigarette USB charger in the vehicle if device runs out of battery. gps tracking device AT08-4G

Where you can use 4G LTE GPS tracker AT08

assets, backpacks, luggages, cars, trucks, logsitics, the metal surface on which you can attach AT08 with strong strength magnets.

What benefits From GPS tracking device AT08 we can get

● Long years stability in severe environment
● More support in various peripherals. It means you can meet different needs of users
● firmawre customization support, even hardware customization support


 114×72.5×26.2mm or 4.5×2.9×1inch
size of long standing magnets gps tracker at08

Packing Details

weight for 1 set device: 0.25kg
Inner box size: 15×12.5×4.5cm
W.G. for 60 sets in 1 carton: 800g
size for 1 carton: 48×37×33 cm
capacity in one carton: 60pcs box / carton
box for GPS tracker      carton for GPS tracking device