Product: EUROSCAN Temperature Recorder in GPS tracking

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Model No.: EUROSCAN Temperature Recorder in GPS tracking

ORBCOMM’s Euroscan X2 temperature recorder is easy to use and provides proof of an uninterrupted cold chain from point of origin to destination for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, live animals, electronics and other temperature-controlled cargo. With GAMP5 compliance, this device meets the highest of international regulations and guidelines. The printer uses thermal transfer technology for maximum reliability, without the maintenance hassle. EuroScan temperature recorder in gps tracking

How does EUROSCAN temperature recorder Function in GPS tracking solution?

GPS tracking devices continue receiving tempereature data from temperature recorder through RS232 port, and send them out to server at configured time interval. In Server users can view the temperature changes real time.

Temperature recorders are developed and produced to confrm to the applicable European and National guidelines for the delivery f chilled and frozen transport goods in transport vehicles. It can provide evidence of correct temperatures for every trip in the form of a delivery ticket, numerical or graphical print-out. All data is stored with a date/time stamp in a large flash memory. Data will not be lost if power supply is disconnected. The real time clock is powered by an internal back-up battery.